Ignite (FAQs)  

Application and Qualification
What qualification do I need to apply for Ignite?
- You will need to have a plan for an Agribusiness that will create a mindset change in your community.
– You will need to be less than 35 years old
– High energy, flexibility, creativity,grit

What is the deadline for the application submission?
July 3,2016

Do I need to bring a laptop?
Yes, In order to take notes and work on assignments, a laptop or notebook is a must.

Is there any exam to assess my performance?
There are no exams but there is an assignment system. If participants fail to deliver assignments, engage in a proactive, respectful, social and responsible manner, it could lead to termination of the scholarship agreement.
At the end of the programme,the outstanding graduate,takes home a prize.

Will I get holidays during the period?
The curriculum will be interrupted for some days in between phases.
Exact dates will be announced once the program starts.

Ignite Life

Are all the phases residential?
No...only the first phase is residential.
Participants will be housed in a dorm or similar accommodation. You are expected to share a room and bathroom with your fellow participant.
it is important to know you are comfortable with this arrangement before you apply. Please note that food and housing may be different from what you are used to. A mark of an Agripreneur is to be adaptable and welcome new experiences.

How will room mates be paired?
We would like to promote cross-cultural communication as much as possible, which is why we will try to pair you up with someone from a different background. We are also striving to make good matches by taking into account the personal interests mentioned in your essays.

Will I be able to practice partisan politics ?
Ignite is a not a partisan political programme . It welcomes everyone with or without any political affiliation. To protect the program, no political symbols or activities can be presented in a visible or audible way. There will be participants with different political views than your own. To avoid tensions we would ask you to practice your politics in private.

Are there sports activities?
There is a mandatory sporting activity every morning. You should bring your own sports clothes and footwear. .

Financial Matters

Do I get a Scholarship, if selected for the course?
Yes, scholarships will be arranged for exceptional candidates who are selected.
By kind courtesy of our sponsors,Scholarships will be available for deserving candidates. It covers 95% of the entire cost of the program . You are required to fund the remaining 5%. which is 500 Ghc
A scholarship covers the following expenses:
• Transportation for project related purpose
• Full boarding, including shared accommodation and meals (while staying at Ignite campus);
• Internship within a given budget framework
• programme related costs, including faculty, and materials; and– Alumni program membership

What are the costs that need to be covered by me?
• 5% commitment deposit of 500 cedis
• Travel expenses to Ignite and back to place of origin.
• Health Insurance
• Personal expenses

When do I need to pay the Commitment Deposit (C.D)?
The deposit will be collected once the selection for the programme is confirmed . Within seven(7) days of signing the scholarship grant agreement, you need to transfer a 500 cedis commitment deposit to the account of Guzakuza. Or via mobile money
With the successful transfer of the deposit you will ensure that you will have a reserved place in the programme.

How can I remit the Commitment Deposit?

You can remit any way you like as long as it is received in the account of Guzakuza
Bank details
Account holder: Guzakuza
Bank: Fidelity
Branch: Lapaz

Acc-Nr.: 1050825972913

I am above 35 years,can I apply?
The program is for 35 years and below,however with a very strong and convincing Agribusiness idea and commitment,you can apply.

I have a full time job,Can I apply?

Ignite needs maximum time commitment,we therefore encourage young women who can make time for the programme to apply.

I live in the upper East region,can I apply?
Yes,you can apply from anywhere in Ghana.

Must I be a university graduate?
No. However,Tertiary Education plays a critical role in terms of the outcome we are looking for
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