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Food Security, Economic Empowerment,Women and Agribusiness are the major things we stand for in the long run. We do this through our Solution ACT.

A-Awareness and Advocacy- To create a mindset change,people should be aware of what they don't know. We therefore create awareness campaigns to showcase the beauty of farming and also tell the success stories of existing farmers . The awareness also focus on the Agrculture value chain. It tells the enormous employment opportunities in the sector.
Advocacy: We present our petition to the government to make appropriate economic polices and financial incentives that will support and encourage farmers and Agripreneurs.

C- Creating Cooperatives – A platform to pool our resources together to achieve a common goal of growing Agripreneurs.

T- Training and Technologies

We want agriculture to be seen as a business in order for the sector to thrive. It is therefore essential that the young women have access to training and skills. We offer six(6) months.


Our ACT Programs
GGG is a mindset transformation campaign seeking to eliminate negative perception about Agriculture and persons involved in the sector.
Guzakuza Club
Guzakuza club is focused on agribusiness for both the curious and the already passionate.It is also a platform to discuss, debate and learn more about the sector and opportunities along the entire value chain.

Currently, we have clubs in the major universities in Ghana and Kenya. Egerton university in Kenya was the first to be launched followed by the university of Ghana.

DOPAL farm
They call it healthy farm we call it DOPAL.

DOPAL is a healthy living farm that produces healthy food and promotes good living. The farm maintains the fertility of the soil and the health of the surrounding landscape for future generations.

DOPAL is multifunctional,which means production is not the only objective but it uses other methods that future generations will be proud of. It promotes diversity by incorporating variety of crops,fisheries and livestock.

In a nutshell, DOPAL is mimicking nature.

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