SheFarms is a revolution to inspire young women to be at the forefront of wealth and job creation. We believe farming is a respectable career that can fulfill many dreams but only if it is done well and as a business.  It takes much more than a desire to grow food or rear animals. it also takes accepting that farms are businesses (taking into consideration all the factors that make business sustainable and globally competitive. SheFarms works to prepare you for success, instilling a holistic perspective on what it takes to successfully start and or grow a farm business. 


For 30+ hours each week, participants learn through working on and managing the their demo farms.  Participants work in groups on their business plans and business model innovations, after which groups meet with trainers and potential investors every few weeks to review the progress made and determine the next steps.


For 10+ hours each week, participants take part in classes and discussions on the business side of farming,soft skills  and concepts that lie behind the practical work.  We also check-in regularly to discuss where the money is a.k.a access to funding and develop  communication skills and foster a group dynamic that is positive and productive. 


One of the key objectives of SheFarms is to create a strong network of Female Farm-business Founders (3F) with strong brands and globally competitive hence our Co-operative approach. Each Shefarmer is in a co-operative. 



Application Open: 17th February, 2020
Application closes: 31st March, 2020
Starts : May, 2020
Ends: October, 2020


Kwamoso, Akwapem North Municipal Assembly (On the Mamfe Koforidua Stretch), Eastern region. Ghana


What’s In: 

  • Access to ready Market
  • Farm based and classroom training
  • Resources to succeed (skills, land, inputs, investments, technology)
  • Cooperative
  • Agronomic support
  • Mentorship
  • Business support services
  • Placement with local farms
  • Engagement with industry research
  • Value Chain/Network approach
  • Access to industry leaders and experts
  • A strong network of female farm founders

Who? (SheFarms is not for everyone

  • 20+ year old female
  • Ready to commit  6 months full time (40+ hrs a week)
  • Burning desire to grow/ build a farming career
  • With or without farming experience
  • With or without formal education
  • Ghanaian or resident in Ghana

How Much?

SheFarms is FREE to participate? Tuition, inputs and all other training supplies come at no fee. 


 Accommodation and Feeding?

If you can commute daily on time, GOOD. If you need accommodation onsite, there are hostel arrangements for you. However, you are responsible for  your own accommodation and feeding for the six month period.


Shared Accommodation (All rooms are ensuite.)

4 in  (2 in outer room, 2 in inner room)  = 70 cedis per month

2 in  ( 1 in outer room, 1 in inner room) = 140 cedis p/m
1 in (all to yourself) = 240 cedis p/m

(Prices include. utilities