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Igniters more often than not, are able to scale their Agribusinesses right after the programme. Some of them receive funding for their businesses, some gain recognition in the media, others get invitation to speak on high level platforms. We keep staying in touch with them to know how they are doing, monitor their growth and detect any challenges and offer support however we can. It allows us to share news, upcoming events and opportunities for sharing resources.

Here are a few of the recent updates we have from our Igniters.

Igniter Linda is tackling high poverty levels, providing jobs and reducing migration. She has directly provided jobs to over 70 women and provided skills to thousands of women in the Northern part of Ghana.
She organises training for individuals, groups, companies and enterprises. She has vast knowledge in essential oils and butters. Contact her for your unadulterated shea butter and oil, baobab, neem, castor and all essential oils.
Linda is currently building a factory where all the products will be processed, packaged and sold. You can support her to continue this amazing work. Please contact Linda (link in the comment session) for more information.
- Feb. 2021
Living in the city comes with many challenges among them being access to affordable, clean, fresh and sustainable vegetables for an individual or their families. But that does not have to be the case, at least for Nairobi, residents thanks to Ukulima Tech that seeks to address this challenge by enabling a willing client to transform their backyards, verandahs, and balconies into farming space. With the revolution of agriculture in Kenya and across the globe, this farming method comes in at the right time to cater to the needs of the urban dwellers who not only worry about availability but also the high chemical residue on vegetables in the urban markets.
-Feb. 201
Igniter Lydia is not only a maize farmer. She is also a rabbit farmer. What's intriguing here is, she adds and creates value to her rabbits. In picture 2, she organised the first rabbit fair in Ghana and served grilled rabbit😍yummy. Nov. 2020
Marian has over two hundred and fifty acres of oil palm in the western region of Ghana. Do you know what this means? It simply means Marian is providing jobs, creating wealth and improving food security. - Feb. 2017
Her impact so far is incredible. Apart from her 250 acre oil palm plantation, Marian also has a 40 acre cocoa farm. On this cocoa farm, she has workers who nurse, weed, nurture, harvest etc.
Isn't she directly reducing unemployment in Ghana?
- Feb. 2017
I founded African Agricultural Solutions to tackle the problems of poverty, lack of food security, exclusion in the commercial agricultural sector as well as the lack of skills and knowledge transfer experienced by rural communities throughout Africa. Our focus is on altering how farming is experienced and perceived in the rural communities throughout the continent by introducing all aspects of commercial agricultural practices in an innovative and environmentally friendly methods. Various capacity building elements of the agri-business value chain are introduced to the rural farming communities through practical and theoretical training in addition to consultation services by focusing on the most innovative and economically sustainable solutions to solve our customer’s problems.
Wishing you all a happy new month.
Be inspired by these pictures from Igniter Babalwa, CEO of Naneo, South Africa.
Don't give up, keep pushing! For all fresh veges, yellow maize and many more, look no further. Contact Naneo.
We're proud of you Babalwa
She farms sheep too. If you want to invest or need consultancy services, contact Naneo Farms Now!
This year, I got a chance to take a permaculture design c 

I continue to feel the impacts of and not a week goes by where I am not sharing experiences and thoughts about my time as a farm school student. So much has stuck with me.
After attending the Not only was the experience valuable to me growing as a farmer, but it also provides a plethora of resources, experiences, and relationships to help you, depending on your life experience, to get farming jobs or start your own farm business.
I graduated in 2012 and worked with After a successful initial season we are doubling our cultivated acres in 2017
I'm managing the. I've even translated the OFS Crop Plan and adapted it to our business to keep everything running smoothly here. - Feb. 2017
Lorla Emoto
I am finishing up my caretaking/permaculture apprenticeship at Bean Tree Farm.
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