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We are calling for interns!

If you are passionate about Agribusiness? If you are a problem-solver? If you want to be instrumental in solving the world’s food problems? You are more than welcome to intern with us for an experience of a lifetime.

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We are calling for Volunteers!

Are you passionate about Agribusiness? Do you like problem-solving? Do you want to solve the world’s food problems? Volunteer to join us in any of our projects. We can’t wait to work with you

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We are calling for partners!

Become a partner with us today! Let’s together make an impact in Agribusinesses for a green tomorrow!

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Testimonials from our Partners and Sponsors

Guzakuza is a mini African Union. It brings women from all walks of life and delivers timely impact. Supporting Guzakuza is the real currency.


We are happy to work with Guzakuza because of the shared values. Also, because of your accountability.

GIZ Ghana

Partnering Guzakuza has given us the African reach we wanted. They have the expertise, capacity and are time conscious. Partnering Guzakuza means, less resources with more impact.

Enterprise Risk Management- Africa