Rethink • Refine • Refire

Join Ignite 2021 and earn a Postgraduate Diploma in Agribusiness certified by the London Academy of Professional Training, UK and Enterprise Risk Management I-Africa, an accredited Professional Institution.

For 4 months (September to December), Igniters will be on the journey of igniting the Agri-fire in their bellies.






Jobs directly created


Igniters still operating their Agribusinesses

Our Goals for Ignite 2021

After the 2020 pandemic, we believe agribusinesses cannot continue to do 21st century businesses with 20th century models and strategies. A lot of women-led small businesses have collapsed due to this pandemic and it is time to RETHINK, REFINE and REFIRE!

1 Igniters to Rethink their value chain to increase productivity and gain competitive advantage.

2 Igniters to Refine by adopting new tools, networking with the right people to drive productivity and innovation. Finding new ways to create and increase value rather than lower prices. 

3 Igniters to Refire by putting action behind their thoughts and plans and getting the right people in their space. 

Virtual Sessions

1-30 September

For 15+ hours each week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays), Igniters would be rethinking their business models. Topics that will push them onto the springboard will be discussed. They will be  encouraged to unlearn the things that didn’t work out and relearn the things that work with proven records.

On Mondays and Wednesdays the theoretical and practical sessions allow Igniters to think critically about their businesses and reimagine the future

Residential Sessions


Supplementing the virtual sessions is the residential training with diverse field trips to resilient Agribusinesses in Nigeria. Exposure to these Agribusinesses, who vary widely in scale and specialty, broadens the Igniters perspectives of not only what is possible but also what a successful Agribusiness system can look like.



For 40+ hours each week, participants take part in sessions and discussions that will help them refine and refire. From Monday to Wednesday, Igniters discuss and share innovative experiences that will allow them to rethink. 

Thursdays are for field trips and exposure into the world of Agribusiness in Nigeria.

One on one Review and Refine Session on Friday afternoons. It is also a check in time for all participants to foster a group dynamic that is positive and productive.

With a small number of fifteen (15) – (20) participants, they become a tight team that learn how to get things done while having fun!

Mentorship Journey

Mentorship phase follows right after the virtual phase. Mentors who have walked the business and research talk are selected to share their experience with these igniters on a mentorship journey. This journey is for three months.

Ignite 2021 Postgraduate Diploma in Agribusiness is certified by two (2) prestigious international bodies.
1. An accreditation body -The London Academy of Professional Training, UK  
2. An accredited institution -Enterprise Risk Management Institution.

Why apply for Ignite 2021?

Programme Worth :$7,600

$ Free
  • Ignite Virtual is still FREE without Postgraduate Diploma

After Schorlarship

$ 350
  • Virtual $350, Blended $650
  • Ignite + Postgraduate Diploma in Agribusiness from London
Your Cost

We are fortunate to be able to offer several need-based scholarships. Applicants in need of scholarship must successfully go through the process. (Send your application to with subject, "Ignite2021_Request for Scholarship".
Please contact us if you have any questions.
**Blended Fees include boarding and lodging for two weeks in Nigeria (this is subject to the implications of COVID-19)

Apply Now

Apply now to participate in Ignite 2021. Space is limited and interview is on a rolling basis.

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