Most frequent questions and answers

Ignite 2021 is the 5th edition. Since 2016, Ignite has been nurturing and turning ground-breaking ideas into profitable and sustainable Agribusinesses.
2021 is the beginning of a new era. For 4 months (September to December), Igniters will be on the journey of igniting the Agri-fire in their bellies. The theme for 2021 is Rethink. Reinvent. ReFire!

After the 2020 pandemic, we believe businesses cannot continue to do 21st-century businesses with 20th-century models and strategies. We saw a lot of women-led small businesses collapsing due to this pandemic and we know it is time to RETHINK, REINVENT and REFIRE!
2021 Ignite promises to support Igniters to reimagine their agribusinesses. At the end of the programme, we hope Igniters will:

  • Rethink their business models and analyse their value chain to increase productivity and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Reinvent by adopting new tools, networking with the right people to drive productivity and innovation. Also, finding new ways to increase value.
  • Refire by putting action behind their thoughts and plans to ignite the world.

Ignite 2021’s journey begins with a virtual phase. It continues with a socially distanced residential Agribusiness training in Accra and ends with  mentorship journey.

Virtual: (1 September, 2021)

For 15+ hours each week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays), Igniters would be rethinking their business models. On Mondays and Wednesdays the theoretical and practical sessions allow  Igniters to think critically about their businesses and reimagine the future. 

Fridays are group and individual DNA. This is the time for businesses to be dissected and diagnosed by experienced Agribusiness coaches.

Residential: (November 28)

Supplementing the virtual session is the residential training with diverse field trips to resilient Agribusinesses in Nigeria.  Exposure to these Agribusinesses, who vary widely in scale and specialty, broadens the Igniters perspectives of not only what is possible but also what a successful Agribusiness system can look like. 

For 40+ hours each week, participants take part in sessions and discussions that will help them reinvent and refire. From Monday to Friday the theoretical and practical sessions allow the Igniters to reinvent. 

On Friday mornings, Igniters again have a one-one coaching opportunity to Review and Refine,

Friday afternoons are check in times for all participants to foster a group dynamic that is positive and productive. 

With a small number of fifteen (15) participants, they become a tight team that learn how to get things done while having fun!

Mentorship Phase (October 01)

Mentorship phase follows right after the virtual phase. Mentors who have walked the business and research talk are selected to share their experience with the igniters on a mentorship journey. This journey is for three months.

Award-Postgraduate Diploma in Agribusiness

For 80+ contact hours, assignments, examinations, Igniters earn a Postgraduate Diploma in Agribusiness certified by the London Academy of Professional Training and the ERM-Africa.

This year, we have again given this opportunity to more Female Agribusiness Founders who really need it. 

Ignite (Blended) participants have the total package (virtual training, residential training, personal and business coaching, one-one mentorship and a Postgraduate Diploma in Agribusiness etc) 


  •  Postgraduate Diploma in Agribusiness (Professional)-Certified by LAPT, UK and ERM Africa 
  • Time to focus solely on refining your business growth
  • Cutting edge Virtual Training in Agribusiness
  • Cutting edge Residential Training in Agribusiness and Leadership (Nigeria)
  • Professional Networking and Opportunities
  • Access to individual mentorship from business and research leaders
  • Access to ready Market
  • Access to individual Coaching from Agribusiness Actors
  • To be part of a dynamic Cooperative of Women in Agribusiness
  • Access to Investors
  • Relevant Field trips and Works


Through video, voice, white board and screen sharing, participants get to interact with facilitators, coaches and mentors in real time. Participants will earn a Post Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness (Certified by ERM Africa & LAPT, UK) at a fee of $350, a certificate of participation from Guzakuza, Professional Networking & Opportunities, Access to group coaching & mentorship and Access to ready market.

Virtual – Self-Paced

Participants are allowed to access recorded sessions online and learn at their own pace rather than joining the live sessions in real time.  Participants will earn a Postgraduate Diploma in Agribusiness (Certified by ERM Africa & LAPT, UK), a certificate of participation from Guzakuza, Professional Networking & Opportunities, Access to group coaching & mentorship and Access to ready market. Participants have the opportunity to join the residential training at a fee.

How will room mates be grouped?

We would like to promote cross-cultural communication as much as possible, which is why we try to put Igniters from different background in a room. We are also striving to make good matches by taking into account the personal interests mentioned in your interviews not forgetting Covid-19 public health protocols.

Are there sport activities?

There is a mandatory sporting activity every morning. You should bring your own sport clothes and footwear.

Do I need to bring a laptop?

Yes. In order to take notes and work on assignments, a laptop or notebook is needed.

When does it start?

From 28th November to 12th December.

There are no exams but there is a deliverable system  in place to assess performance. 

If participants fail to deliver assignments, engage in a proactive, respectful, social and responsible manner, it could lead to withdrawal from the programme.

Yes. There are exams by external assessors if you want to earn the Postgraduate Diploma in Agribusiness.

Eighty (80) contact hours, including course and field works are required to earn this award.

If you don’t pass the exams, you will be given another chance at your own cost.

Yes. Our Postgraduate in Agribusiness is certified by accredited professional institutions.

It is certified by London Academy of Professional Training, UK and Enterprise Risk Management Institution-EMRI, Africa.

Ignite is still free for all women in Agribusiness who really need this opportunity. However, if you want to earn a Postgraduate Diploma in Agribusiness from our external partners, you will have to pay for the subsidised cost of $350. Guzakuza and partner organisations are committed to supporting women in agribusiness in these difficult times. We have therefore subsidised the fee.

Cost of Ignite 2021(Blended)

  • $650 (Subsidised by partners of Ignite 2021)

Your subsidised fee cover these essential costs:

  1. Transportation for programme related purposes in Accra.
  2. All meals and snacks while at the Ignite residence.
  3. Programme materials.
  4. Programme related costs, including tuition, field trips, mentorship, coaching.
  5. Assessment and examination by our partner institutions.
  6. Postgraduate Diploma in Agribusiness.
  7. First year fee for Agribusiness Professionals Network.

Please Note:

  • You’re responsible for your own transportation from your place of origin to and fro Ignite 2021 residence. 
  • Any travel or medical insurance.

You don’t need to make any payment whatsoever. It’s absolutely free.

If you applied for Ignite + PgDip, you will have to pay for half of the total cost as soon as your place is confirmed.

The second half would be spread throughout the period of Ignite. 

Age Limit

Ignite (Blended): You should be 40 years or younger at the time of application.

 Ignite (Virtual) : There is no age limit.

  • I am not a woman, can I apply?

Ignite is for women only.

  • I already have a full time job, Can I apply?

Ignite needs maximum time commitment, we therefore encourage women who can make time for the entire programme to apply.

  • I’m not an African woman, can I apply?

Ignite is for African Women in Agribusiness on the African continent and in the diaspora. 

  • Must I be a university graduate?

Ignite + Postgraduate Diploma : Yes

Ignite : No. However, formal education plays a critical role in terms of the outcome we are looking for, therefore you should have a basic formal certificate from a recognised institution. 

  • I can’t write, read or speak English. Am I eligible?

The entire programme is conducted in English, therefore proficiency in English Language is a requirement.

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