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Most frequent questions and answers

Ignite 2020 is the 4th edition. Since 2016 , Ignite has been  nurturing and turning ground-breaking ideas into profitable and sustainable Agribusinesses.

Ignite 2020 has a special focus on Communication. How Igniters can carry their messages across , know their businesses and tell their own beautiful stories.

In order for a lot of women to benefit from this great opportunity in this pandemic, Ignite 2020 gives you the option to choose a 100% (fully online) or 90% virtual programme(blended). 

There are only 20 slots for the blended option. This means, only 20% of Ignite 2020 participants will meet face to face for the two weeks in-house training in Accra-Ghana in adherence to the COVID-19 protocols.

All participants will experience the same quality whether virtual or blended.

Ignite Within: Virtual Classes and Business Simulations (20th October – 5th December)

Ignite for Change: Residential  training and Coaching (23rd November-5th December)

Reach to Ignite: Internship  (Unfortunately, there will be no internship this year because of Covid 19 protocols.)

Tap to Ignite:  Virtual Mentorship (8th January-June 2021)

Ignite believes one of the best ways to learn, is to stay away from all forms of distraction. As such, our participants stay in a residence for two (2) weeks and during this period, they get the space and time to develop exponentially through training, field trips, coaching and networking. 

Coaching: Ignite’s coaching focuses on specific tasks and objectives with weekly deliverables. This impactful journey runs concurrently with the residential training. Coaches are big sisters who are successfully running their Agribusinesses. They hand-hold the Ignitees during this phase.

Networking: We know it’s hard to build a successful business and it’s even harder if one is not plugged into a community of people that can make positive impact on one’s business. We therefore create platforms for Ignitees to meet potential business partners, investors, donors, clients and other major stakeholders.

Mobilize to Ignite: This is a platform for our Ignitees to raise funds and friends for their businesses. It is very good to acquire all the necessary skills to start a business but it is also important to get capital to work with. Here, Ignitees mobilise resources to scale up their businesses.

This phase is from 23rd November to 5th December.

Reach to Ignite is a tailor- made work experience embedded into the residential phase. Our internship can be likened to an apprenticeship where participants go through a one-week on-the-job training with our partner organizations. 

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there will not be internship this year. However, we would make sure Igniters benefit from all areas.

  • Tap to Ignite- Mentoring is a six month virtual journey between a mentor and an Ignitee. Mentors are highly experienced professionals.The mentor assists the Ignitee in developing knowledge and skills that enhance her personal and business growth. This amazing last phase is from January 08 to June 30, 2021. All an Igniter needs to do, is to make time for this journey.

No…there is only a two-week residential phase for 20 Igniters out of the 100 we will select this year.

  • 20 participants will be housed in a dorm or similar accommodation in Accra, Ghana. Rooms and bathrooms are shared.

It is important to know  you are comfortable with this arrangement before you apply. Please note that food and housing may be different from what you are used to. A mark of an Agri-Entrepreneur is to be adaptable and welcome new experience.

We would like to promote cross-cultural communication as much as possible, which is why we try to put Igniters from different background in a room. We are also striving to make good matches by taking into account the personal interests mentioned in your interviews not forgetting Covid-19 public health protocols.

There is a mandatory sporting activity every morning. You should bring your own sport clothes and footwear.

Yes. In order to take notes and work on assignments, a laptop or notebook is a must.

There are no exams but there is an assignment system. If participants fail to deliver assignments, engage in a proactive, respectful, social and responsible manner, it could lead to withdrawal from the programme.

NO. Guzakuza and partner organisations are committed to supporting women in agribusiness in these difficult times.

Ignite 2020 is therefore absolutely free for all 100 women in agribusiness. All an Igniter needs to do, is to make time.

However, if you opt for the residential phase (Blended), you’re responsible for your transportation from your place of origin to the residence and your cost of accommodation. 

We cover all the essential costs:

  1. Transportation for programme related purposes in Ghana
  2. All meals and snacks while at the Ignite residence
  3. Programme materials
  4. Programme related costs, including tuition, field trips, mentorship, coaching

If you choose the blended option (Online and residential), you will have to pay for your own shared accommodation which cost one hundred and ninety dollars for the two weeks (USD 190)

Once your selection for Ignite 2020 is confirmed, you need to secure your accommodation by transferring your accommodation fee via approved routes shared during the last interview.

  • I am above forty (40) years old, can I apply?

There is no age limit for Ignite 2020, so with a very strong and convincing Agribusiness idea and commitment, you can apply. (This applies to only Ignite 2020)

  • I am not a woman, can I apply?

Ignite is for women only.

  • I already have a full time job, Can I apply?

Ignite needs maximum time commitment, we therefore encourage young women who can make time for the entire programme to apply.

  • I’m not an African woman, can I apply?

Ignite is for African Women in Agribusiness on the African continent and in the diaspora. 

  • Must I be a university graduate?

No. However, formal education plays a critical role in terms of the outcome we are looking for, therefore you should have a basic formal certificate from a recognised institution. 

  • I can’t write, read or speak English. Am I eligible?

The entire programme is conducted in English, therefore proficiency in English Language is a requirement.


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