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Don’t spend huge amount on non-accredited training programmes. Join Inspire to get all the Professional Agribusiness Courses from accredited institutions. Earn a Postgraduate/Advanced/ Diploma in Agribusiness certified by the London Academy of Professional Training, UK and Enterprise Risk Management Institute-Africa.



Dr. Pascal Brenya
Lecturer, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Capacity Development Expert
Mr. Fidel Tetteh
Lecturer, Wisconsin University Communication Expert
Ms Lucy Quainoo
International Trade Expert
Dr. Jonathan Welbeck
Lecturer, University of Ghana Business School Director, Enterprise Risk Management Institute
Ms. Nana Adjoa A. SIfa
Agribusiness Trainer Founder, Guzakuza
Prof. Peter Wyer
Academic Dean, London College of International Business Studies. Professor of Entrepreneurship
Course Structure

Course: Agribusiness​

Qualification :  Postgraduate Diploma/ Advanced Diploma/ Diploma       
This course in Agribusiness enables you to take a strategic approach to Agribusiness planning, integrating strategy, models, frameworks and techniques that will help your career and business gain a competitive advantage. The course teaches new Agribusiness tactics and practices, helping you to stay innovative in an ever-changing world. This course provides a survey of the business and career world.

What you will learn

  • Doing Agribusiness in Post Covid Era 
  • Developing Agribusiness Value Proposition
  • Developing Agribusiness Model 
  • Agribusiness Value Chain Analysis
  • Profitability In Agribusiness
  • Funding Options
  • Business Partnerships
  • Agribusiness Finance
  • Dynamics of Agribusiness Communication
  • Digital Agribusiness
  • Agribusiness Leadership 
  • Cross Cultural Exporting
  • Sales vrs Marketing
  • The Art of Pitching to Win
  • Project Management- design thinking and innovation around agribusiness
Course Structure

Course: Agribusiness Communication

Certification : Postgraduate Diploma/Advanced Diploma/Diploma
For a sustainable impact, communication must not be treated as a mere product (information) but as a behaviour and a process that must be effectively and efficiently managed.
What you will learn

  • Essentials of Agribusiness Communication
  • Etymology, Definition, Philosophy,  and Practice of Communication
  • Fundamental communication ideas in agribusiness practices
  • Principles of Agribusiness communication
  • Communication Planning Process
  • Developing Communication Models for your Organisation/business
  • Communication Action Planning and Implementation
  • Creating Sharing and managing content


On this course you’ll develop an understanding of effective communication principles  and how language can be used for effective business communication in an international context. Our course will  prepare you for a thriving career and impactful agribusiness.

Choose Your Package

Postgraduate Diploma

$ 499
  • Lectures: One evening per week
  • Duration : 14 Weeks
  • Start Date ; 24th January 2022

Advance Diploma

$ 349
  • Lectures: One evening per week
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Start Date: 24th January 2022


$ 199
  • Lectures: One evening per week
  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Start Date: 24th January 2022

Participants are provided a strong theoretical foundation and are introduced to the various concepts in order to gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter. The practical application and implementation of these specific concepts are methodically discussed during the various class sessions by means of real-life examples and comprehensive case studies. In order  to be certified in any of the courses, you’ll need to successfully complete all mandatory modules.

Who is this for?

Any woman who wants gain knowledge, skills and experience in Agribusiness
as well as boost her professional credibility and prestige in her career or business.

How to apply

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Course Evaluation

Postgraduate Diploma Courses

Lectures: 3 hours per week -42
Working Groups: 2 hours p/w -28
Discussion : 1 hour p/w – 14
Total Contact hours : 84

Advance Diploma Courses

Lectures: 3 hours per week – 24 
Working Groups : 2 hours p/w -16
Discussion : 1 hour p/w- 8
Total Contact hours : 48 hours

Diploma Courses

Lectures: 3 hours per week – 12 
Working Groups : 2 hours p/w
Discussion : 1 hour p/w- 4
Total Contact hours : 24 hours