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It is no secret that chemical fertilizers, deforesting and poor agricultural practices are causing harm to our bodies and the climate. Guzakuza therefore initiated Dopal which has adopted a method of farming where trees are grown among crops. In each layer we are growing trees. We plant Banana, Plantain, Moringa Oleifera, Mangoes, Pawpaw, Sour-Sop, Avocado, Custard Apple, Guava, Ginger, Turmeric, Maize, Pigeon Pea, Marigold, Chilli pepper, Yam, Water melon, Onions and Beans on the same piece of land and have maintained a section of the existing trees.

Vegetables like cabbage, carrots, onions, tomatoes, beetroot, and cauliflower are also integrated in another layer.

To control pest, increase fertility of soil and boost crop yields, we are using exclusive local handmade (made by Guzakuza-Dopal) concoctions instead of the conventional chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

We believe that healthy food (food without poison), safe environment, clean air, pleasant, wealthy and prosperous life is the birth right of everybody.

For acquiring this birth right for every living being, Dopal is mimicking nature by intentionally combining agriculture and forestry to increase biodiversity, reduce erosion, maintain landscape and protect the climate and environment.

Guzakuza-Dopal does not keep all this. We train other women farmers on these sustainable farming practices in order to produce high yielding, healthy and safe consumable crops, and also add value to what they produce.

We stand for sustainable Agricultural practices through innovation and entrepreneurship.

To protect the environment, we are also making good use of the abundant sunshine in Ghana by going off grid (Solar). Unlike other farms on the sloppy lands in Ghana, we are farming on contours to reduce erosion, protect the plants and also harvest rain water for reuse.



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