Curious to know what Igniters are saying about the programme?

Want to know what they’re doing now? Here’s what just a few of our graduates had to say:

My journey as an igniter from 2020 has been an amazing journey from grass to grace , or an uplift from zero to hero. A mind blowing experience of a journey of unending blessings. The experience from facilitation , to how best to pitch my business to the right audience , having a resilient business model and book keeping. Having the ability to build my confidence was top notch as I was invited for a radio programme to inspire young Nigerians to not depend on white collar jobs to learn to build their own businesses through self employment. I was able to get an award for my contributing to agriculture by drive legacy in collaboration with the ministry of agriculture in Nigeria. The facilitation by ignite gave me the opportunity to know how to apply for other programmes that got me picked out of thousands of applicants provide u with the seed capital to assist you in enhancing your business . The mentorship programme provided by ignite enabled me with the best mentor Mr Samuel Laweh whom also help in scaling my business with a good traction on our balance sheet from hundreds thousand Naira to a turn over of almost 5million Naira in just 3months which is a huge difference to our financial statement. Thank you Guzakuza for amplifying and disrupting the status quo in our agribusinesses.
Hauwa R. Abubakar, CEO Hawee Emporium Enterprise, Nigeria
Knowing all before starting a business as an Entrepreneur basically means taking forever to start something. Because one can't correct all their mistakes before making them. People learn more when they are in the yard than when they are behind the walls. Yes! I had an idea about what I wanted to do before joining Ignite. At Ignite I realized I'm far from ready to run a successful business. I was thought how to build my team which I had little or no idea about it, book keeping, pitching, taxation just to mention but few. Ignite prepared me for the world and the world for me. That I had to pause alongside the line and began all over again after ignite training I had four products before and after ignite, I was able to add eight making all twelve and selling well . I can say I'm not fully ready, nonetheless, I'm now better lady than I was before ignite. Ignite gave me a big family, including good facilitators who are still helping after my training, I was also lucky to meet wonderful young women doing amazing things all over Africa. Whereas I seek ideas and options from some of them. It also opened my eyes to other opportunities such as I was selected to be part of TEF 2021 trainee and many others . Ignite gave me a wonderful and lovely mentor who is ready to listen and teach me anything I want to know without paying a penny for her service. Thank you ignite, thank you for exposing me to the world. I'm grateful. Sorry I'm too excited to to tell the world about my experiences and the impacts Ignite has had on my business
Xalie-Wenbebe Ismaihill Founder and CEO, Alter Foods.
I would definitely recommend Ignite programme to start-up Agripreneurs. After Ignite my business has been elevated to another level. I have managed to incorporate systems that have led to the steady expansion of my business.
Ruth, Kenya
At first, I enrolled to just hear how others are farming across Africa, but little did I know that my business would be improved so rapidly. I now know what Value Proposition means, Pitching, Branding, and mostly how to lead myself and how to lead others. I am now confident about myself and my business. Thank you Ignite and Guzakuza Team.
Lebo Dhludhlu, South Africa
Just a few weeks into the program, I doubled the size of my farm through a takeover acquisition of a non-performing farm, and with the knowledge acquired from this program, I turned the entire farm around. Thanks to this program, I am set for greater performance and my confidence level is up. With all the available opportunities and connections being given to me on the ignite platform I know I will cease all the opportunities for greater achievements. Thank you ignite! Thank you Guzakuza!
Alberta, Kenya
I am CEO of Ananse Loop Creations Ltd. My company is into poultry farming. I got to know about Guzakuza on one of the social media platforms I'm on and applied to be part of IGNITE 2021. Joining this program has greatly impacted my business and personal life. I will say this has been a business and personal grooming platform for me. The program has ignited the zeal in me to reach for higher heights.
Mercy Kyeraa Owusu, Ghana
Ignite is clearly the best training I have ever attended in the last 5 years. I had the boldness to confront challenges, my mind became alert and my productivity enhanced. There were no boring moments whatsoever. The speakers had wealth of quality knowledge. I can say I became a better entrepreneur after Ignite sparked the fire in me and rekindled the master builder in me. I highly recommend Ignite with pride.
Fatou , Senegal
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