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We are touching lives by growing women Agripreneurs, growing new generation of graduate and wealthy farmers and growing healthy organic foods.

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Ignite 2020

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many young women Agribusiness founders (our target group) are facing financial and personal challenges and are seeking tools and resources to help them deal with this uncertainty. 
Ignite is an Agribusiness Accelerator model for African young women in Agribusiness. Since 2016, ignite has been heavily subsidised unto 90% by kind courtesy our corporate and individual sponsors. Unfortunately, most of these sponsors have also been hit so hard by the pandemic.

We want to make this whole experience easier and make Ignite 2020 free for every woman in Agribusiness who needs it.
This will enable many young women in agribusiness on the African continent to build their own capacities, receive support, relevant resources and a community of like-minded peers. In effect, they will be able to build disrupt agribusinesses that can withstand pandemics and in effect be able to produce food for the world’s population on track to 9 billion.

We have been able to raise funds and friends to support other activities of Ignite 2020 such as

  • Online sessions
  • Residential sessions
  • Field Trips
  • Toolkits and resources

We have four more activities to cater for:

  • Internship 3,000
  • Seed Capital for 2 best igniters 2,000
  • Monitoring and evaluation 3,000
  • Mentorship 2,000

9,000 pounds will help in training 100 young women in Agribusiness in 2020.


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Ignite is an Agribusiness programme designed to spark creation of jobs and wealth in young women through Agripreneurship. Ignite nurtures and turns ground-breaking ideas into profitable and sustainable Agribusinesses.

From the classroom to the farm to the board room, women should be at the fore front of agricultural development, paving the way for a brighter future and ensuring food security. Young women face so many barriers to entry in their quest to venture into agribusiness. Some of those barriers include technical know-how, market access limitations, limited access to funding, cultural pressure and lack of a structured mentorship support system. It is for this reason that Guzakuza started Ignite, an African Women in Agribusiness Programme.


Growing a Generation
of Agripreneurs.

Guzakuza which came about during a concept transformation session in kanthari,India was derived from two Swahili words, Guza(touch) and kuza (grow).

We believe in perfection & creativity.

Food insecurity and unemployment are global security threats. There is therefore a dire need for a game-changing organisation like Guzakuza.


Who We Are

With Guzakuza, we are touching lives by growing women Agripreneurs, growing new generation of graduate and wealthy farmers and growing healthy organic foods. 


Breaking New

We believe that the farmer is as equally important as the doctor or lawyer.


We use Agriculture and entrepreneurship to create mindset change in the society.


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