SheFarms is a farm incubator model which aims at providing rural women in Ghana with entrepreneurial and technical skills to make income and impact through climate-smart vegetable farming.

SheFarmers go through a series of hands-on farming training to be able to start or scale their farms. These hands-on training include good agricultural practices (land management, soil preparation, sowing, manuring, irrigation, etc), handling, and storage, financial literacy, leadership skills, technology among others.

They are trained on how to integrate human activities into the natural environment to protect the climate, promote biodiversity, produce safe and healthy foods, and sustain farmlands for future generations.

Some of the women receive training in hydroponics setups and operations. Shefarmers have access to market and form cooperatives to support each other’s agribusiness.

Through SheFarms, women who form a large part of the agriculture value chain in Ghana yet have limited access to information, technology, inputs, training, and opportunities will have access to these resources to start/run successful farms.

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